Unleashed Live 2024 | 2-Day Retreat Experience
Thursday & Friday  •  April 4-5, 2024
Barnwood Events, Madison, WI
Calling all visionary leaders, change-makers, and soulful CEOs who are on the edge of your next leadership evolution!
Thursday & Friday  •  April 4-5, 2024
Barnwood Events, Madison, WI
Calling all visionary leaders, change-makers, and soulful CEOs who are on the edge of your next leadership evolution!

You're likely here because you are stepping into greater growth and expansion and are considering what this next phase of legacy looks like for you...

You may be recognizing that you created your business for greater freedom, but it hasn't been feeling very free lately...

Perhaps you desire to reconnect with your vision and motivation...

Unleashed Live is designed to help you connect with your vision,
upgrade your leadership identity, and get clear on your strategy for growth.
All in a way that honors who you authentically are and what you desire!

It’s time to release any lingering chains of expectation,
raise the floor on your standards,
unleash the authentic leader within you,
and expand your brand impact as a result!

When you join us at Unleashed Live, you’ll be guided through a transformational experience designed to help you:


 Uncover potential “blind spots” that are standing in the way of aligning your internal vision with your business model structure, strategy and systems


 Unlock and transform energies, patterns, systems and beliefs, freeing up your energy and potential to take your brand where you want it to go 


 Unleash your authenticity and experience the most aligned version of you, as you grow your legacy brand, and create results you desire in your own life, and the lives of others

At Soul Seed, we facilitate this transformation by creating an environment and experience that supports you to embody greater authenticity and step into expanded leadership, supported by a practical strategy.

 Join us at Unleashed Live
and experience for yourself... 


Greater confidence in your ability to lead. 


Clarity for your goals and next steps. 


Greater freedom to make aligned choices on your terms. 


An upgraded self-image as you see yourself in a new light and step into your growth goals.


Openness to call in your destiny and receive more abundantly.

Leadership is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the world, especially in the last few years.

You might be asking questions like:

How do I stay abundant in a world full of lack?
How do I build team, structures, and systems when there’s often financial pressure to bring in the next clients?
How do I stay focused when there is so much to do?
How do I trust myself to lead in the face of imposter syndrome?
How do I take up space as a leader without seeming self-centered?

If you're examining these questions, you are like so many leaders.  

And solutions are available for you, by aligning more powerfully with the unleashed leader within.

If you desire to expand into greater leadership potential, with clarity about what steps to take to grow your brand, join us at Unleashed Live!

You will come in with ideas about what you need to do to build your business, and you will leave recognizing
it's not only about what you need to do.

It’s about who you need to become.

What to Expect
During this 2-day retreat experience, you will be guided to get clear on your vision, while being supported to transform what is no longer a match for realizing that vision.

This retreat-style-event will be facilitated by transformational coach & business growth strategist Amber Swenor, along with support by Authenticity Coach Robin Finney.

Combined, Amber and Robin bring 20+ years experience in facilitating transformational retreat spaces designed to help you get clear on your vision and desires, transform patterns and beliefs that are no longer a match for your vision, while supporting you to step into greater leadership confidence, with an actionable growth strategy.

At the event you will also hear from:
Special Guest Speaker, Sagashus Levingston, founder of Infamous Mothers, speaking on Legacy Leadership.

Learn about legal strategies for growth, from sponsor Carolyn Jahnke of Athena Legal Solutions.

And hear from a client success panel featuring 5 amazing women from a variety of industries and backgrounds, sharing their real life experiences and lessons in learning to lead authentically.

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You will be guided to gain clarity on the answers that you seek. Business uplevel? Career pivot? Relationship change? Set your intention, come with your question, and depart with clarity, confidence, and direction. 
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You will be guided through transformational sessions designed to help you set forth with greater clarity, confidence, and a strategy to live and lead in alignment with your vision.
Capacity Building
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You will be guided to expand your leadership capacity by raising the bar on your standards, and transforming patterns or beliefs that may be preventing you from receiving all that you envision.
What's Included

The 2-day in-person experience, taking place from April 4-5 at Barnwood Events in Madison, WI


Lunch on both days, plus morning and afternoon snacks to nurture your body as you expand your soul


All coaching and activities during our two days together

Your Investment

The Details

 Retreat Dates: April 4-5th, 2024
Location: Barnwood Events, Madison, WI
Closest Airport: Dane County Regional Airport

Recommended Hotels (we're securing a fabulous group rate, and shuttle services to/from the event. Hotel block info will be sent soon)

  • Sheraton706 John Nolen Drive, Madison
  • Holiday Inn Express Suites - 610 John Nolen Drive, Madison 
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Day 1, Thursday, April 4: Unlocking Opportunities for Growth
Arrive between 9:30-9:45am to meet other attendees, visit sponsors and get snacks.
Start promptly at 10 AM CT with a powerful kick-off session.
10a-12 noon: Session 1
12-1p: lunch
1-5p: Session 2 + Special Experience + Breaks
5-5:30: Closing & takeaways

Day 2, Friday, April 5: Unleashing your Aligned Vision

Arrive between 9-9:15 am, start at 9:30am
 9:30a-12 noon: Session 3 + Client Success Panel
12-1p: Lunch
1-3p: Session 4 + Break + Activity
3-3:30p: Closing & Takeaways
3:30p: Event ends, hugs & farewells

Meet Your Retreat Hosts

  Amber Swenor  

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Hi! I'm Amber, a Transformational Leadership Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker/Trainer and musician who helps people take their visionary ideas, and create them into sustainable legacy brands.

And I hate bios. HA!
Seriously. Do you relate?

I'm not a one-hit-wonder, and neither are you. Each of us is a unique, beautiful, messy mix of emotions, skills, lived experiences and the vision and desire that calls us forward...

I founded my company Soul Seed, with the mission to support the rise of conscious leaders who are leading from the call of their heart.
Because when we live and create more consciously, more authentically and intentionally, it's better for all.

Clients seek my help when they desire new levels of freedom, to expand their impact and to make their businesses run more smoothly and profitably.
You could say I help people live into new profound levels of authenticity, soul purpose, and usually make a bunch more money along the way.
You can learn about examples of this work here.

My work is informed by years in transformational leadership coaching, brand and business strategy, marketing, sales and as a creative and front person in the band Morningstar. As well as my personal background, which I teach from in the best-selling personal transformation book Unleashed.

Need some data? I grew my first business, a brand and marketing agency, from self funded start up to $1M/year in under four years. And then decided to trust my evolution, evolved and transformed that business and services to bring forward what Soul Seed is today, to live in greater alignment with purpose, joy and impact.

As a first generation high school graduate who has navigated my own journey with multi-generational lack and self-worth wounds, I know first-hand how limiting beliefs and chains of expectation can follow us into adulthood and threaten to stand in our way of living our most authentic lives and unleashing the impact we’re here to make. Today as a certified transformational coach and retreat leader, I help leaders navigate this journey for themselves.

I could say that today I utilize a combination of skills, intuition, business savvy, and lived experience to help leaders like you, but what I'm really doing, is living my purpose. It's been a hard fought journey. And I'm so damn grateful to have arrived here.
And I endeavor to help others do the same, along the way.

Would you like to join me in experiencing the freedom, of living

  Robin Finney  

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Robin Finney is an Intuitive and Authenticity coach on the Soul Seed team who helps soul-based leaders get present to what they desire, from a place of deep grounded-ness and self compassion.

Robin has been supporting the Soul Seed programs the last two years, providing 1-1 and group coaching support and co-facilitating retreat experiences.

Her zone of genius is supporting others in their journey to trusting their deeper selves as they explore the unknown with curiosity, so they can show up as their most authentic selves in life and business.

Robin is also the creator of Soulo Experiences, providing coaching and consulting for those stepping into their own soul-travel journey. She’s a certified Retreat Leader and Transformational Coach, author, international model, speaker, and world traveler. Since 2018, Robin has traveled solo to 22 countries across 6 continents. She’s passionate about helping others to step into their soul journey and see where it leads.

Meet Our Featured Guest Speaker

Dr. Sagashus T. Levingston was born in Chicago and raised in the area now known as Bronzeville. She holds a bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Illinois. She also holds a master’s in Afro-American Studies and a PhD in English literature—both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

While her research focused primarily on literature, it was informed by theory and criticism from rhetoric, motherhood studies and black feminism. 

Her coffee table book, simply titled Infamous Mothers, is inspired by this work and so is Infamous Mothers, LLC. Sagashus and the Infamous Mothers brand has been recognized in several publications. 

She’s the proud mother of six children and resides in Madison, WI.   
Meet Our Featured Panel Speakers

Join us for a special Customer Success Panel 

I attended a retreat with Amber in the past. At the time, I was so nervous about investing in myself without having a clear grasp of what I might gain from attending. I trusted my gut and jumped on board. I went into the retreat with an open mind, but still with nerves! The weekend completely changed my outlook on myself, my future and my outlook on others in my life!

Amber has a genuine gift for making you feel comfortable in the process of searching your soul and digging deep. Not only that but the group she brought together felt like it was a perfect fit. We all left with a special bond. I can’t recommend enough that if you are navigating a personal growth transformation, trust yourself and say yes to Amber’s retreat!

This is for you if... 

You notice yourself stopping short, holding back, trading time for dollars, but within you see a big vision and feel that you are meant for more.

If you see a future that creates bigger impact but you're hitting a wall, perhaps you've outgrown your current way of being, leading, or doing business, but you aren't sure how to drive it forward... this is definitely for you!

These are key indicators that you may be ready to step into this transformational experience:


You feel called to lead in bigger ways, but haven’t had the space or the right guidance to see what comes next


You desire to build a legacy brand that is widely known and respected among your ideal audience


You yearn for the support and resources to build your dream team, but haven’t felt clear on who comes next or how to call them in


You're tired of capping your own potential


You are ready to give full voice, life, and vision to that whisper inside of you that is calling to something different... something epic... something expansive...

You know there's a deeper vision within you waiting to emerge. You don't yet fully know how to unleash it, but you're ready to trust the unfolding.

Just imagine:
  • Being able to go anywhere, at any time, because you feel you are meant to be there, and having a business model that supports this type of freedom.
  • Feeling empowered to confidently make aligned investments in yourself and your business, and having reliable revenue that allows you to make such investments.
  • Being free at any time to say YES to what you desire, without fear, second guessing, and self-judgment.
  • Being able to joyfully and authentically express yourself.
  • Having the ability to trust yourself to lead your business on your terms, in alignment with the life you desire.
  • Building and executing a strategic plan that is aligned with your vision (and that actually works!) to grow your business.
  • Aligning your team and clients to a shared vision, with the full clarity and confidence to lead in the direction of that vision.

Imagine saying YES to the experiences, people, places, and things that are aligned with your vision, bring you joy, and advance your business goals.

To see the fruit of the tree you must nurture the seed. And often that means clearing the path of the old to create the space for the new. And as it is for seeds and trees, so it is for leaders like you too.

You'll create your greatest impact while living joyfully when you're supported to quiet the seed of doubt and learn to lead from your seed of soul!
I feel so incredibly fortunate to have attended a retreat with Amber! Amber has an incredible gift and ability to bring people together, which created an amazing space for all of us to explore our personal and professional goals. As an introvert I was hesitant about committing, but not only did I come out of the retreat with clarity and confidence... now I also have 6 amazing new friends who love and support me, and I look forward to seeing where my newfound clarity takes me!

This transformational work has helped hundreds of clients, as well as personally helped me (Amber) to step into confident leadership, leaving a successful career to launch my business, growing to seven figures, then transforming again and rebranding that business.

It's helped me:


 Heal multi generational lack and self-worth wounds, so I could more confidently receive and step into a life of greater abundance



Learn to stop gaslighting myself, and trust the seed of my soul more than seed of doubt


 Work in a way that’s more in alignment with my authenticity, happiness, vision and goals

It's helped my clients:


 Shift patterns of overwork and self-sabotage to step into the freedom of authenticity, self expression, and doing life and business on their terms


 Get focused on the right things to move the strategic needle in their business while adding multiple six figures in revenue


 Learn how to lead more effectively, delegate, and align their team to their vision, so they could step into role as CEO

Hear more about client's inspiring journeys here:

"I started coaching with Amber while I was building my business, Rebel Wellness, from the ground up while I was working a full-time job.

...Initially, I was very intimidated by spending the money to invest in this work, however, I thought to myself… “how much money am I going to spend if I DON’T do her program spinning my wheels and trying out things?” It was a leap of faith, and I am soooo glad I did it!

...the truth is, my business wouldn’t be happening if I hadn’t taken a course and worked with Amber. I would have been way too lost. Amber provides you with a path to follow, and when building a business/brand, that is critical to success."
"Amber helped me grow my business but she’s provided me so much more support than that! She has guided me on a journey to becoming more confident and to fulfill my purpose. Her support has helped me become more confident in who I am and has helped me grow my business in a way that feels authentic to me and fits what I want. I’m now in a stronger place to confidently face any challenge moving forward.

My business had been plateaued for years, and after working together this is the first time it’s grown in years! Amber helped me become more confident in my brand, and get more serious about sales, budgeting, and steps to strategically build my business. With this foundation in place and the results I’m seeing, I’m motivated to continue working with Amber to grow my business even further than I ever have before!"
Thank You to Our Partners
Unleashed Live is made possible in part by the generous support of our sponsors and partners, including:

Kelley Kochendorfer, QPFC
Financial Advisor for The Sommersberger Group
Private Wealth Management

"When Amber started coaching me, I was barely getting by. I went from struggling and getting by on $1,200-$2,000 a month, to consistent $11,000-$13,000 a month in less than a year working with her. This life is something that seemed IMPOSSIBLE to me even a year ago.

Without Amber’s help and guidance, I know I’d still be back there somewhere trying to figure it out. She has helped me fast track my success and I cannot recommend the services she provides enough... I can’t imagine how lost and stuck I’d still be if I hadn’t made the investment to do this work."
"I made $150,000 more this year because of Amber’s coaching and I'm living so much more joyfully. I have noticed a shift in my business because there’s been a shift in me.

I look back, and years ago I was resistant to receiving this type of coaching help. We all have blind spots, and until I finally took my guard down and allowed this work to happen, and to allow Amber to guide me, I didn’t even know what was possible! You don’t even know how good it can be! ...I can’t speak highly enough about what she has meant in my life and business."
Got questions? We've got answers!

Where will this event be held?

Unleashed Live will be held at the beautiful Barnwood Events in my hometown of Madison WI!
The address is 3230 Larsen Road (20 minutes south of downtown Madison)
The facility offers several multi use spaces, indoor and outdoor space. If you'll be joining us locally, we recommend you consider getting a hotel or Air BnB so you can give yourself space to be fully immersed in the experience!

Who is the event for?

This event is for leaders, business owners, service-based coaches, consultants, healers, and soulful business leaders who are committed to growing as a leader in a way that is totally authentically aligned for you.

If you have questions about the event or aren't sure if it's the right fit for you, please drop us an email to chat with our team at: robin@soul-seed.com

I’ve done a lot of other coaching programs, will I learn something new here?

Unlike many content-driven workshops, Unleashed Live is a transformational experience designed to support both your leadership journey as well as your career/business strategy. You'll be guided to get more connected to your vision, your own authenticity and reveal what blocks or challenges could be preventing you from creating the success you desire.

Our clients share that they learn something new about themselves and their business when they enter transformational experiences like this with us.

What if I can't attend? Can I receive a refund?

We understand, life happens. You are ale to transfer your ticket to someone else however there will be no refunds.

What can I expect over the 2 days?

You can expect an uplifting event that aims to create a space that is safe for authenticity, learning, and growth.

You’ll have a chance to actively participate, share, and meet other attendees. You’ll want to be fully present so you can fully participate as well as integrate what you are learning each day.

What if I’m not really spiritual or “woo?”

Come as you are! We just ask that you are open to your own potential for growth.

Everyone has different definitions of what it means to be spiritual.
We believe that spirituality is for each person to define, as it's personal to you.

To Amber, spirituality means one's connection with the divine/higher self, which we also consider your Soul Seed; the place in which you connect with your inner knowing, and learn to lead more confidently and clearly from this place of unique authenticity, alignment and intuition.

At Soul Seed, we aim to honor and respect each sovereign individual and we welcome all faiths and beliefs.
We believe in energy, that the universe is abundant, and in the power of human intention combined with action.

We support clients in connecting with their own intuition and during our events we often invite a visualization activity, combined with business strategy frameworks and education.

Wherever you are in your journey, if you feel this container of work could help you in taking the next step into deeper self-alignment, while supporting your strategy to realize your goals, we invite you to step in!

What if I can’t attend both days?

Our intention is for everyone to be present throughout the event so that you get the most benefit from start to finish. The content will weave from day one into day two, and by being fully present, it will help you to have a complete experience.

This sounds amazing, but I can get "peopled out."

Hello empaths! Hello introverts! Hello Human Design Projectors!

This experience has been intentionally curated with breaks and movement activities built in.
We'll have a few activities in which you can "choose your own adventure," so whether you like to stay busy with max networking and collaboration, or if you prefer a bit more down space to process on your own, we see you.
And we have you covered.

Will the event be recorded?

Most likely not. If it is recorded it will only be made available to those who registered.

Will I get to ask questions and receive individualized support?

Yes, you will get to ask questions of Amber and our team!
We may not be able to provide personalized coaching to everyone, however our content and experiences are designed so that each person can personalize it to your situation.
We often find that anyone who has a question does get the space to ask it.
And usually when someone asks something, it benefits others in the room, too!

How should I best prepare?

We recommend blocking your calendar now! You might also block some time within a few days after the event for you to continue integrating what you learn, and give yourself the space to decide how you want to move forward with your newly refined clarity and upgraded leadership identity!

Will there be support after the event?

Yes! You’ll have access to the Facebook community for 10 days after the live event to share your integrations and connect with those you wish to stay in touch with.

The live event is a complete experience designed for you to leave feeling supported with your next steps.

There is the opportunity to continue in a container of support with Amber and our Soul Seed coaching team should you wish to continue forward either through 1-1 or a group container of support.

Are you ready to join us and step into a life of alignment and personal freedom?
Claim your Unleashed!
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