Living Unleashed in 2023 - End-of-Year Reflection Virtual Event
 December 22, 2022 
A virtual end-of-year community reflection and connection event to reflect, celebrate, and honor all that 2022 provided, while setting intentions & visioning forward to 2023!
11 am - 12:30 pm PST
12 pm - 1:30 pm MT
1 pm - 2:30 pm CT
2 pm - 3:30 pm ET

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You are invited to join us virtually for an empowering and supportive end-of-year connection, reflection, and visioning forward to 2023 event. You'll be guided to release anything that no longer serves and align more powerfully with the energy of your deeper authenticity heading into the new year.

This will be a chance to connect (and reconnect) with other soulful leaders as we create our individual intentions while collectively creating and supporting each other in the energy of abundance and authenticity in 2023!

You'll leave the session with greater clarity about your intentions, direction for your goals, and you'll likely experience a shift in energy to support you in creating what you desire.

You are welcome to invite others who would benefit from the opportunity to reconnect and head into the new year in alignment with their higher self.

This is for you if...

☑️ You desire to lead with greater authenticity in the new year

☑️ You have the sense that you’re somehow holding yourself back and you desire to learn more about how to address and transform that
☑️ You enjoy meeting and being in community with other heart-centered creatives and visionary leaders

☑️ You desire to live in deeper alignment in 2023 

Meet Your Event Hosts
Transformational coaches Amber Swenor and Robin Finney will facilitate a guided experience to set your energy, intention, and focus toward what is most aligned for you heading into the new year. This (no charge) event will include guided reflection prompts, meditation, journaling, a chance to share with others and to receive coaching support from Amber and Robin.
  Amber Swenor  
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Amber Swenor is a transformation coach and business strategist who helps people to identify and transform the hidden commitments, stories, and limitations that keep you from living your most Unleashed life. She also works with leaders and companies in their brand growth journey through leadership coaching and business strategy consultation and co-working. She's the founder of Soul Seed Strategy, a brand strategy, coaching and marketing firm, and the founder of Soul Seed CBD. She's an international speaker helping audiences and companies worldwide to unlock their deeper potential through authenticity. Her book "Unleashed" is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller.
When she's not guiding others to unleash their rockstar within, you'll find her rocking on stage with her metal band, Morningstar.

  Robin Finney  
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Robin Finney is an Intuitive & Authenticity coach for Soulo Experiences, Oracle, certified Sourced™ Retreat Leader, author, international model & speaker, world traveler, Aunt extraordinaire, and founder of Wandering Aunt. She supports others in exploring the unknown with curiosity so that they can show up as their most authentic selves through coaching, soulo travel retreats, and photoshoot experiences. Robin lives a bold, unconventional life as a nomad. Since 2018, Robin has traveled solo to 22 countries across 6 continents and modeled in 11 international photoshoots as part of her mission to support local photographers, designers, and stylists.